Simplicity is about subracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

Find Your Simplicity.


I understand the power of your images.  How a mother can instantly tear up when she views a  photograph of her child.  How a senior can feel on top of the world because they achieved their goal. How a business person can feel successful and ready for anything.  How a soon to be mom feels pride and anticipation. 

From the lighting and location, to the color of wardrobe, to the expressions and posing....a portrait is an investment of our past, present and future.  Our goal is to create that powerful image that tells people who you are, with simplicity.  We don't rely on a lot of props to make our photos unique, we rely on YOU. 

From start to finish, booking, the session and ordering...we want it to be fresh, light and simple.  We don't want to take away from the experience with a bunch of fluff.  Its simply you, me and the camera....what more could we ask for. 

When is the last time you invested in your past, present and future? Now is the time!  Schedule your session today!

Awesome, she worked well with my daughter, prices are great, photos in which she took were amazing. I can't wait to see the rest. I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs.

Wow! Amazing customer service. Absolutely fantastic with my kids, extremely patient and went above and beyond to make sure I'd be happy with the images, which I love!

Tina is a spectacular photographer. She was professional and made the whole process a joy! We had a great time during the session and she had great ideas for the items we purchased. The result was beautiful photos of my son for his graduation! I highly recommend Tina!

Tonight was Morgan's senior pictures. We had done our homework and thought we had the right person., but last minute needed to change. But 5 minutes into the session, Tina showed me just one picture...I cried! God had a hand in this! We now have the right person. THANK YOU, Tina Smith!

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